The Inspiration Behind TightBunz

When it comes to workout gear for women, the TightBunz belief is that clothes should be functional and fashionable. That’s what the founder of TightBunz, April Doherty, wanted to bring to the table when she started the company. April is a fitness competitor, and ‘lives in gym clothes’ even when she’s not working out. Clearly, she’s not the only one! The market for women’s gym clothes is a vast one, but it can sometimes be difficult to find gym clothes that are built to last, while also being cute and sexy.

April has been training in the gym for over 20 years, so she’s seen different gym fashions come and go, and knows what works. It’s clear that she has a serious passion for fitness and health, as well as inspiring women to do their best.

In fact, her philosophy is; “Do the best you can do, and don’t give up – No excuses!”

But, another passion has come forward – a passion for fashion. Because April lives in active-wear, she wanted it to be more fashionable to wear daily. Her favorite lines on the market today are clearly UpVibe, Mia Brazilia, and SuperHot, as those are what she exclusively carries on her site, today. In addition, she has developed her own line: TightBunz.

What do ALL of these brands have in common? Quality. And, that was a huge factor in creating the clothing for TightBunz.

April knew desired to create products that were superior in quality, with the right materials that would do everything from wick away moisture, to provide extra stretch and flexibility. She also wanted to make sure she offered different styles for everyone – pieces that could be a great fit on just about anyone, because no one should be excluded from having awesome gym clothes.

The TightBunz brand is about looking great, and feeling even better. April already gets a ‘buzz’ when she notices people wearing the brand, because it’s about more than just ‘selling clothes;’ it’s about making a difference, and changing the mindset women have about active-wear fashion. TightBunz is meant to be as inspirational as it is fashionable, because it’s for everybody. April believes that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in their workout gear, no matter their body type.

So, whether you’re a weightlifter, a first-time gym goer, a cardio junkie, or something in between, TightBunz is absolutely for you. If you’ve never tried high quality, affordable workout-wear before, the time is now to get started. Not only can it help to impact your workout in a positive way, but you’ll look great doing it, which can be a serious confidence boost in the gym. Thanks to April, and other pioneers of women’s fashion in the active-wear world, the looks for women in the gym are changing for the better. Fashion is finally meeting functionality.

Active-wear should (and now can) be for everyone, whether you’re in the gym, or living an active lifestyle daily. With TightBunz, you’ll find the fashionable balance you’ve been looking for, and clothes you’ll be happy to wear both in and out of the gym!

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